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Ourotech is taking the guesswork out of cancer treatment

Ourotech is working to help doctors identify in advance which drugs are most likely to have the biggest impact killing...

Ali Asaria of Tulip Retail presents Business Software and The Future of Work

This was first presented at the February 2017 TechTO. In this presentation, Ali gives a counter-intuitive perspective on the future of...

@ChrisMessina invented the Twitter hashtag 10 years ago today

Silicon Valley insider Chris Messina tells CNNMoney's Laurie Segall about how he got the idea to use the '#' symbol...

Questions and Answers with a Young Fan | Garyvee Meeting

This is a short 8 minute meeting I took with Swarochish Goswami, an awesome young man who emailed me looking...

TOTE Improv | Meet the Founder

Featuring Bernie Roehi, Casting Director at Theatre on the Edge, also known as TOTE. Located in Waterloo, Ontario, TOTE...

Overbond speech at FinovateFall 2016

Overbond co-founders Vuk Magdelinic and Han Ryoo demonstrate the first end-to-end digital platform for primary bond issuance to the FinovateFall...

Big Willie G's Startupfest pitch

At Startupfest 2017, Party on Demand CEO Willie Green had to make a 3-minute pitch. He nailed it.

Altius Analytics Labs  - Velocity Fund $25K winner

Altius Analytics Labs is a health tech startup that helps occupational groups better manage musculoskeletal injuries.

Is San Diego The Next Silicon Valley? No, Say Many Local Startup Workers

After the conclusion of San Diego Start Up Week. Many people are asking if San Diego has the potential of...

San Diego Startup Week 2016 - part 1 of 4

Once a year, San Diego Startup Week brings together entrepreneurs to share progress, exchange resources, and celebrate the thriving innovation...

Whatsinit? the ingredients app

Whatsinit? is a new, innovative food tech app that uses an extensive and constantly growing database to help users quickly...

Domics blends animation and reality

Want to relax and watch some videos without feeling guilty doing so? Domics creates a world where comedy and humanity...

Installing the IDE on OSX

Learning how to code is a huge challenge. I started dabbling with code in university, and it opened up a...

Founders Canada Overview

Overview of Find a cofounder and connect with our community to grow your startup.

Business Model Canvas - Founders Canada

Overview of business model canvas. For more tips visit:

Founders Canada - Sensify Labs

Founders Canada interviews with one of our ventures - Sensify Labs. Check it out on:

How to Send Newsletter Email Campaign II

This is our part II tutorial on firing up a mailchimp newsletter campaign for your subscribers.

Innovation: Waterloo's Velocity

Ten with Ken goes onsite at the University of Waterloo, home to the world's largest free business incubator, Velocity.